Business Overview

Microcode International was created with the sole intention to provide services for the RIGHT-NOW market. We always work on fast-track @ full speed without sacrificing creativity and quality. In website design & development, and website maintenance you can count on us.

Why us.

  • We do everything, graphic design, logo design, audio and video implementation and web pages programming. We do not use automated tools to build pages, we actually write the code, we are well seasoned and skilled programmers.
  • We work using an organic model, everybody in the same room, same table, from start-to-finish to meet your Time-to-Market needs.
  • Our Global minded staff has been exposed to highly stressful conditions, always working under pressure, we prepare our staff to think out-of-the-box.
  • We are solutions oriented, we like problems only to solve them, not to manipulate them, we fix them immediately.